Why Do I Need A Lawn Service In Winter?

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If you’re new to Florida or the Venice area, you may be perplexed thinking, “Doesn’t the grass either die or go dormant?” This is completely the opposite.  Welcome to the Sunshine state, and let’s learn about Floridian winter lawn care! 

At Turf Enough Lawn Maintenance, we have been offering lawn service in Venice FL for about five years now, and we are highly knowledgeable about Florida’s grasses and pests, to better help you get your dream lawn for your dream home! 

Green Maintenance: Grass and Foliage

Here in Florida, we mainly have two types of grass: Bahia grass and St. Augustine grass. Both of which have a bit of an easier maintenance schedule in the winter as opposed to summer down here. You will want to still cut, edge, and blow away clippings every three weeks for Bahia and every two weeks for St. Augustine. 

Winter is also the best time to focus on big landscaping projects like transplanting trees or shrubbery, because the colder temperatures put less stress on these plants so that the roots can grow faster. 

Failing to maintain your lawn in the winter can prevent your lawn from thriving in the spring and summer months, so even though the climate is less stressful on your foliage, that does not mean you can totally neglect your lawn for the season and not depend on lawn care services in Venice FL

It’s also important to keep your lawn from drying out and becoming overgrown if you have a home-owner’s association, which are ever so present down here in Florida. Finding the best lawn service in Venice FL can help avoid any of the financially negative consequences of neglecting your winter lawn. 

Pests and Vermin Maintenance

Keeping your lawn well maintained in the winter will also help keep away unwanted visitors like chinch bugs, bed worms, lawn fungus, rats, and snakes. 

Because some will let their lawn care lapse in winter, these things that live around us all year, might go unnoticed in an unmaintained and overgrown lawn. It’s still imperative that you keep up with any necessary turf fertility and pest control treatments in the cooler months in Florida. 

Lawn fungus in particular thrives in the cooler temperatures in the Florida winter, especially if we have a particularly wet and rainy season. So it’s especially helpful to have a professional who knows the signs of these things to point them out to you during the winter months so you can act accordingly before spring and summer comes. 

If you are looking for the best lawn care services in Venice FL, give us a call today so we can discuss the plan of action for your lawn as we move out of winter and into spring!

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