What Services do Lawn Care Companies Provide?

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When people hear “lawn care,” they think of many different services. Some think of lawn mowing, others think of fertilization or removing weeds. Typically, lawn care refers to lawn mowing, edging and sod installation. When you are looking for lawn service in North Port, FL, it is important to research which companies provide which services. 

Lawn care

Lawn care companies provide three main services:

Lawn mowing. Regularly cutting your grass has many benefits, including promoting healthy growth, eliminating some pests, and preventing pest invasion. It also helps make your lawn look clean and well-kept.

Edging. Lawn edging is the process of cutting a line between the grass and the border of the lawn, such as sidewalks, driveways, and flowerbeds. It not only makes your lawn look neater, but it also prevents grass from entering flowerbeds or growing onto the pavement border. 

Sod installation. Sod is grown grass with the roots and some soil attached that comes in rolled strips. Having sod installed is a much quicker process than growing grass from seed on your own. 

Though these are the services that typically fall under the category of lawn care, many lawn care companies provide additional services such as pest control and landscaping.

Pest control

Pest control refers to services that are done usually by using chemicals. Some of these services are:

Weed removal. The method of weed removal varies between lawn companies. The most common way is by spraying a chemical called weedicide. Weeds block sunlight and take water from grass. They also compete with the grass for the nutrients in the soil. In addition to prohibiting grass growth, they can also introduce pests and disease into your lawn. Removing weeds from your lawn can help promote healthy growth of grass.

Fertilization. Fertilization helps with grass growth. It also helps protect the soil, as well as often kills weeds. It also helps prevent pest infestation and makes your grass less prone to disease.

Pest removal. Pests, such as chinch bugs, sod webworms, and grubs, can kill grass quickly. It is important to have them removed as soon as possible. 


Landscaping primarily benefits the appearance of your lawn and garden. Some services that fall under this area include:

Mulching. Adding mulch to your flower beds benefits the appearance of your garden and lawn, but it also benefits the plants and soil. Mulch protects plant roots and keeps the soil moist. It can also prevent weeds from growing. 

Flower and shrub planting and care. Planting flowers and bushes can enhance the beauty of your lawn. They need to be properly cared for and trimmed regularly.  

Questions to ask when looking for a lawn company

If you are looking for a lawn service in North Port, FL, you will need to make sure they provide the services that you need. Additionally, it is important to understand how they perform the service and what it does. These are some questions that we recommend asking the lawn company you are considering:

  1. When should I expect to see results (specifically for fertilization and weed control services)?
  2. How often should I water my lawn? Does this change when prepping for the service I am receiving or after I receive the service?
  3. Should I apply any of my own lawn products?

Lawn care service in North Port, FL

Turf Enough Lawn Care provides lawn care service in North Port, FL. We also offer landscaping and pest control services. Visit our website to learn more about the specific services we offer and contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to help!

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