How Do I Care For A Lawn Through the Seasons in FL?

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We can all picture it: the idealistic image of your family standing proud in front of your beautiful home with a lush green lawn. It’s an image representation of the American dream; but how does one achieve this mystical “lush green lawn?”

It can feel daunting at times, looking at a lawn with large brown spots or clumps of weeds that don’t back down for even the most rigorous of treatments. Or perhaps you’ve recently moved to Florida and are just beginning to learn about your new lawn and how to maintain it throughout the year. 

Here are some tips on lawn care services in the Englewood, Florida area to help frustrated homeowners and new Floridian transplants among you know the best way to maintain your lawn through all two of Florida’s seasons!

Walking In A Winter Wonder-Lawn 

Yes, winter in Florida does not last that long, but in all seriousness, the humidity and temperatures do get down to a point that it can affect your lawn and landscaping.  The dryness of winter here in Florida is also a stark contrast to the rainy season that the foliage is used to. 

So how do you care for your lawn differently during winter in Florida? First we’ll address the length of your grass.  In winter, you should still be mowing your lawn.  You want your grass to be cut so that it’s longer in length than in summer. If you have St. Augustine grass, you’ll want to leave it around 5″ tall, and if you have Bahiagrass you’ll want to leave it at about 3.5″ tall. 

You’ll also want to make sure you’re properly watering and fertilizing your lawn in the winter. Because there is less rain in the winter, the ground dries up and your grass is not getting the water it needs.  That means watering it three times a week for 45 minutes each time, and fertilizing it every 6-8 weeks is necessary. You want to water it this much to avoid the grass going dormant and dying during our dry winters.  

The type of fertilizer you use depends on what type of grass you have, so talking this over with one of our professionals offering lawn care services in the Englewood, Florida area is best before purchasing any type of fertilizer. 

What Lawn Mowing Services Should I Be Doing For My Lawn The Rest Of The Year? 

The rest of the year is pretty simple here in Florida. Our summers and autumns are usually pretty rainy from May to November, which means unless we have a rare drought, you don’t need to water your lawn so rigorously as long as it’s raining three times a week. Otherwise, you will notice weeds popping up all over your lawn. We suggest getting a rain gauge for your sprinkler system during the summer to make life easier for you, as Florida weather can be pretty unpredictable. 

In the summer and rainy seasons, you’ll want to cut your grass to be a bit shorter than in winter because it will also be much thicker in the summer than the winter. 

In the spring, you’ll want to fertilize and water your lawn at the same rate as winter, but use a pre-emergent fertilizer so that weeds won’t grow and re-seed in your lawn over the wetter summer months. 

In the fall, if you have many trees in your yard, you will want to stay on top of raking those leaves regularly so your lawn does not suffocate under the leaves.  You can mulch leaves down to help fertilize your lawn which is better. 

If you are struggling to keep your once lush and green lawn thriving this winter, give us a call for all of your lawn mowing services in Englewood, Florida today! We treat our customers like family and will help educate you on your lawn’s unique needs. We have been a part of the Sarasota and Charlotte county areas for nearly five years, never settling for less for our community or customers.

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