How Much Does Lawn Service Cost?

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One of the biggest determining factors when choosing a lawn service company is cost. Weekly lawn mowing can cost anywhere from $25 to $150 a week. However, lawn care costs including services in addition to mowing can range from $48 to $211 a week. The average cost for residential lawn mowing services in Venice, FL is about $40-$45 a week.

What are some things that affect lawn service costs?

Weekly residential lawn mowing on its own can be fairly inexpensive. However, there are some factors that can change the cost of mowing alone. Some of these factors include:

The size of your lawn. The bigger your lawn is, the more expensive it will be to have it mowed. 

If your lawn slopes. If your lawn slopes, mowing is typically more expensive than if it were flat due to the difficulty of maneuvering the equipment around the slopes. 

If you have curbing. Curbing, or boarders around your lawn such as pavement or cement, can increase the cost of mowing services. This is because edging is required in addition to mowing. Edging is the process of cutting a line in between the grass and the curbing to make it look neater and to prevent grass from growing onto the pavement.

If you have a pool or fence. Similarly to curbing, having a pool or fence in your lawn requires edging, which can affect the cost.

Services in addition to mowing will also affect the cost of lawn service. Some of these services are:

Weed removal. Removing weeds from your lawn prevents the scarcity of nutrients the grass needs to grow healthily. Weeds also absorb water needed by grass, as well as block sunlight. 

Pest control. Pests can quickly infest your lawn, so it is important to get rid of them as soon as they are discovered. 

Fertilization. Fertilization promotes the growth of grass by protecting the soil and killing weeds. It can also prevent pest infestation and the spread of disease in your lawn.

Residential lawn mowing services in Venice, FL can vary between companies as well, so it is best to inquire about costs before you decide what company you are going to choose. 

Do you tip lawn service?

In the U.S., tipping is custom and often expected for a variety of services. We tip service workers such as waiters, housekeeping, and hotel bellhops. Do you tip a lawn service provider as well? 

Just like in the situations listed above, tipping your lawn service is greatly appreciated. However, it is ultimately up to the customer.

Best lawn service in Venice, FL

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