Landscaping & Mulch

It’s not unusual for landscaped areas to fall into disrepair, but it doesn’t have to be your everyday reality. Let Turf Enough Lawn Care help you have the best possible yard with our mulch cleanup services! 

Did you know that archaeologists have found evidence that people 10,000 years ago used rocks as a means to stop weeds from growing? When we help you with your landscaping, we’re making a difference that will last the lifetime of your home!

We can do small patches of mulched areas or huge landscaped islands. 

You get to choose the color and variety of mulch you’d like to use. We also offer solutions using rock, too! 

We make sure to prepare landscaped areas as best as possible to minimize weed growth in the future. 

We can work with you on a regular maintenance program to keep your mulched areas looking at their best.