Fertilize/Weed/Ant Control

    Lawn fertilizer and weed and pest for your lawn and Shrub and Ornamentals.

    Weed control, pest control, lawn fertilization all in one.

    • Fertilization services are applied to increase resistance against the diseases that may infect the lawn and it adds nutrients to the lawn to stunt the growth of the grass. It thickens the yard and the grass, giving it that very healthy and appealing look you’ve always wanted. Thick grass helps prevent soil runoff, giving you the proper environment for the lawn to thrive.
    • Our weed control is included in our regular services, we target  crabgrass, dollar weed, dove weed, chickweed, beggar weed, nutsedge, spurge, and broadleaf
    • Our pest control insecticides are there to eliminate the turf damaging pests that will tear up your lawn. We can also provide control for Flea and Ticks as well.
    • These services are done every 6 weeks to assure your lawn is always looking good.