What is Pest Control?

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Pests such as ants, spiders and even rodents can get into your home. To prevent this, or to get rid of pests that may already be there, you should regularly receive pest control services in your home. Different companies that provide pest control in North Port, FL may only handle certain pests, so be sure to know what services they provide when looking for a company.

What is involved in pest control?

Pest control is a service that controls pests from getting into your home. It also gets rid of pests when there is an infestation within or outside the home. There are several steps that are involved in pest control services. 

Inspection and Evaluation. The first thing that is done by a pest control company is the inspection of the home. This will help determine if there are pests in the home and what should be done to get rid of them and prevent future infestation.

Treatment. There are many different chemicals and treatments that can be used to eliminate pests or keep them out. It depends on the pest and the severity of the situation. 

Outside: Oftentimes, you can treat the outside of a house to prevent pests from getting inside by spraying. This needs to dry for an hour, then it is safe for people and pets to be around.

Inside: Inside the home, treatment is done in target areas such as water areas (underneath the sinks), attic areas with a granule, and bait is used behind light plates. No open sprays should be used inside.

What are the most common pests?

Ants are the most common pests in Florida. Sugar ants and crazy ants are often found inside the house, whereas fire ants are typically found outside. Ticks and spiders are also common.

Other types of pests

Termites and rodents fall under the category of “pest control,” but they are treated differently than pests such as ants, spiders, and roaches. Not all pest control companies deal with these pests either. Turf Enough is a company that does pest control in North Port, FL that does not treat termite infestation. However, we do handle rodents such as mice. This is how a mouse infestation is treated:

  1. Once an inspection is done of the attic and house, traps are set in the attic for the mice. 
  2. Then, all quarter-sized openings are filled in the home to prevent the mice from going back and forth between the attic and the house. 
  3. Twice a week, inspectors will come out to the home to check the traps. After a two-week period, all the rodents are typically caught. 

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Are you looking for a pest control company in your area? We can help! Turf Enough provides pest control and lawn care services in North Port, FL. We are family owned, licensed and insured and would be happy to help you with your lawn and pest control needs. 

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