How Often Should Pest Control be Done?

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Pest control is not only a solution to infestation, but a precaution. Even if you do not currently have pests in or around the home, you should receive services at least every three months. Some of these routine services that you may get from pest control in North Port, FL include an inspection, inside and outside treatment, and the removal of cobwebs. 

Benefits of routine pest control

Receiving pest control for the prevention of pests is better than waiting for an infestation to occur. When an infestation occurs, it can threaten the health and safety of those living in the home. Pests can carry harmful diseases such as Lyme disease and salmonella. When exposed, people and pets can contract these diseases. An infestation can also cause expensive damage to your home and lawn. It would be more cost effective and convenient to receive routine pest control rather than having to pay for home repairs or doctor visits. 

Routine pest control services

There are many types of services that you can get from routine pest control. Companies will treat infestations depending on the type of pest and where the infestation is located. When there is not an infestation, these are the typical services provided. 

Inspection. The pest control company will inspect both inside and outside the house. They will look for pests, as well as nests and eggs. If pests are found, they will be removed to prevent an infestation. 

Treatment. Treatment to prevent pests will be applied inside and outside of the home. A spray will be used outside, and a granule is usually used inside. Sprays should not be used inside the home. 

Cobweb removal. Most pest control companies will remove cobwebs from soffits, windows, garage doors, entryways, and pool cages. 

All pest control companies offer routine pest control services. Typically, they recommend receiving these services every three months. Additionally, some companies that offer residential lawn mowing services in North Port, FL may conduct pest control services for your lawn, as well as within your home. 

Pest control in North Port, FL

Turf Enough Lawn Care provides pest control services, as well as residential lawn mowing services in North Port, FL. We treat most pest infestations, with the exception of honeybees and termites. 

Contact us, today, if you have any questions about our pest control or lawn care services. We are happy to help!

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